Part G of the Building Regulations is being updated in April 2010. For the first time ever the Regulations will address water efficiency with a maximum allowable amount of 125 litres of wholesome water per person per day in dwellings. But this is not the only change. The document has increased in size from 14 to 43 pages and also covers cold water supply, hot water supply and systems, sanitary conveniences and washing facilities, bathrooms, and kitchen and food preparation areas.

This workshop will highlight the important changes to Part G so that your architectural practice is fully up to speed with the legal requirements. By the end of the CPD delegates will be able to:

  • Identify when the 125 litres calculation needs to be submitted to Building Control, and the role that alternative sources of water such as rainwater, greywater or borehole water play.
  • Successfully use the “Water Efficiency Calculator for New Dwellings” (after having worked through an actual example using a real case study).
  • Understand the requirement for a risk assessment for water from non-wholesome sources.
  • Know the requirement to ensure maintenance of sanitary appliances can be successfully carried out.
  • State how to comply with the regulation that bath water does not exceed 48oC whilst ensuring that legionella proliferation does not occur.
  • Specify a compost toilet that conforms to the regulations, and understand which models don’t.
  • Identify the organisations that manage the competent person’s self-certification scheme.
Updates to Part G of the Building Regulations