Welcome to ech2o consultants ltd.

We are environmental consultants providing technological and behavioural solutions that reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

ech2o consultants ltd work with local authorities, developers, housing associations, schools and colleges, water companies, community groups, architects and engineers, at both a strategic and individual site level, to successfully incorporate sustainable water and low carbon solutions into the built environment.



Water use on the cut – Jillian Mitchell, UK

I recently enjoyed a week’s holiday on a narrow boat.  There’s something about pootling around at 3 miles an hour, spending time in the great outdoors, which slows the mind ... Read more

April 2024 – setting fire to the school showers

There are things that burn so brightly in your mind it is like they happened only yesterday. I have many examples of that. Mostly about fires. Pun intended. I used ... Read more
Shower Blog

The Carbon Cost of Water Consumption – Richard Dawson, UK

I’ve been writing water saving suggestions into my architectural urban regeneration and domestic projects for years and well before the building regulations AD Part G 2016. It’s good practice to ... Read more


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