Welcome to ech2o consultants ltd.

We are environmental consultants providing technological and behavioural solutions that reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

ech2o consultants ltd work with local authorities, developers, housing associations, schools and colleges, water companies, community groups, architects and engineers, at both a strategic and individual site level, to successfully incorporate sustainable water and low carbon solutions into the built environment.



February 2024 – showering under a water tower

I don’t mean rigging up a shower underneath a water tower, though that’s quite a cool idea. More it’s showering in water that’s come via a water tower. So where ... Read more
Shower Blog

January 2024 – showering after a high stakes rescue

A conundrum. A family of six (a mum, Mu, a dad, Eric, and four children aged 8 to 15) is stranded on a sand bank by the incoming tide. They ... Read more
Shower Blog

Flamingo Engineers at Stroud Green Primary

The Flamingo Engineers at Stroud Green Primary School certainly showed their skill at ‘working within constraints and finding solutions’. Mostly due to some overly fuzzy string and some of the ... Read more


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