What's it all about?

"It’s raining in the zoo and all is not what it seems in the flamingo pool. Meet Frankie the flamingo and her assorted sidekicks as they unravel the mystery of the sinking flamingo. This picture book for 5-8 year olds explains in a fun and informative way what happens to rainwater and wastewater once it enters the sewers and how water is supplied to buildings."


Frankie the flamingo

I could tell you many things about Frankie but the most important thing to know is that she is always asking questions. Usually that bothers the other flamingos but this time they have reason to be thankful for her inquisitive nature, especially as she stops just asking questions and sets out on an adventure to find the answers herself…

Rhodri the rat

A good friend of Frankie who knows everything you need to about drains and sewers and is quite happy to chat about them all day long…

Clarence the crab

Clarence lives in the sea with his friends and relations. Normally he has a great time but there is one thing that Clarence really, really hates and that is poo on his head…

Sameera the stickleback

Lives in the river near to the zoo. Sameera is very brainy. You need plenty of oxygen in the water to be a brainy fish and lots of space to exercise in. Sameera wants to keep her river that way…

Denzil the dragonfly

Isn’t an official member of the F.I.D. yet. Has popped up in the photo to show off a few of his flying skills in the hope that Frankie will realise how useful he could be in solving the mystery.

Watch 'The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo' video

Frankie says thank you to our fabulous sponsors!

Frankie goes oop North

Aqualogic, Wirral School Libraries, and St Bridget's C of E Primary School in West Kirby welcomed Frankie the flamingo on a blustery day by the seaside. Cath had a fab time reading 'The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo' to 60 pupils, who enjoyed helping Frankie solve the mystery. Spoiler alert ... she
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Flamingo Investigation Department – Pending cases

The FID have closed The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo. But they have several pending cases ready to go: The mysterious case of FOG in the sewers! The mysterious case of the block of wood that fell from outer space! The mysterious case of the elephant that forgot! The
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Frankie the flamingo goes back to school …

Frankie the flamingo, Clarence the crab, and the rest of the Flamingo Investigation Department  visited several schools over the summer term and met loads of willing water detectives who want to tell everyone why it is important to have short showers and to keep rainwater out of the sewers. Holly,
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Get your very own copy of ‘The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo’!

You can buy the 'The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo' via Amazon, or email us directly if you are a school, or want to buy multiple copies.
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Frankie the Flamingo worksheets

A series of worksheets for KS1&KS2
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Frankie the Flamingo’s first book review!

Adam Vaughan, an architect specialising in low-energy design, and a sponsor for the 'Frankie the Flamingo' Kickstarter campaign, has written a review of The Mysterious Case of the Sinking Flamingo for Tracing Green.
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Thank you to those who donated

On behalf of the Flamingo Investigation Department I (Denzil the Dragonfly) want to send out massive thanks to the loads and loads of amazing people and organisations who helped make ‘The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo’ a reality.
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Cath discusses her successful kickstarter campaign to fund ‘The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo’

Cath Hassell understands the power of crowd-funding – and how it can give an idea its wings. She raised £6,000 to get her children’s book, The Mysterious Case of the Sinking Flamingo, which teaches primary school children about sustainable water, off the ground. Here’s what she learned along the way… When
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The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo wins a SWIG award!

Cath gives her winner's speech after 'The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo' gets a SWIG Award. Given that SWIG is the Sustainable Water Industry Group and looks at all aspects of water within the built environment, it is the perfect award for the book.
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