cath-and-see-though-cisternThis is a fun and informative short workshop using ech2o’s see-through toilet cistern to:

  • give a brief history of the WC,
  • explain why the toilet has its very own day in the calendar – 19th of November, World Toilet Day,
  • remind pupils how lucky we are in the West to have them in our homes and schools, and what in would be like if we had to use a public toilet,
  • demonstrate the  bits of kit that have been invented to make them work even more efficiently.

Pupils who don’t have a dual flush receive a free save-a-flush bag to fit in their WCs at home saving on average 5000 litres of water per family per year.

Can be delivered on its own but usually combined with ‘Be a water detective!’

How much does it cost to flush your toilet? (KS2)