On behalf of the Flamingo Investigation Department I (Denzil the Dragonfly) want to send out massive thanks to the loads and loads of amazing people and organisations who helped make ‘The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo’ a reality. We couldn’t fit you into the book because there are soooooooooooooooooo many of you. But here you are!

A F Young Frankie Martin Katie Trent Patrick McCool
Adam Turner Gavin Killip Keith Chinnock Paul Testa
Adam Vaughan Gilli Church Kerry Clayton Paula Owen
Alice Holt Giovanna Kevin Penney Poyzer
Andrew Pratt Harry Paticas Kyle Attawar Peter Wilshaw
Andy Sheath Helena Koutna Lavanya Attawar Poonam Jain
Anita Ghosh Jon Evans Linda Benn Ramesh Halai
Avi Jan Linda Kelly Richard Cube
Ben Adam-Smith Jane Banks Louise Halestrap Rosie
Ben Coombes Jane Fisher Lydia Clare-Skinner Rute Nieto Ferreira
Brian Jayakara Lynda Woodhouse Safa El-Jamal
Caitriona Casey Jenny Clare Mark Sibthorp Sandy Halliday
Carmen Schifellite Jocelyn Watson Marsha Lomond Sandy Patience
Cheryl Fisher John Matt Hassell Sapna Bhatia
Chris Hassell John Brewington Melanie Sibthorp Sarah Bell
Chris Kerr Jorge Huft Melissa Taylor Scott Batty
Christian Pinchin Joseph Little Meriel Thurstan Sofie Pelsmakers
Clare Judith Michele Garet Steven Leather
Daniela Treiber Judith Thornton Mischa Hewitt Suhith Shivanath
Derek Drew-Smith Judy Cohen Mita Hiremath Suzanne Boyd
Doris Oesterreicher Julia Erdem Molly Wilkinson Tim Summers
Doug Barrett Julie Fitzsimmins Musserat Ashraf Tina Fawcett
Elaine Morrison Junko Suetake Neil Sephton Tom Dollard
Elizabeth French Justin Varney Nicola Chambers Tom Raftery
Eric and Mu Hassell Katarina Gildebrand Nicola Thomas Warren Liebold
Floyd McCarthy Kate Morland Norman Fletcher Zac Ribak
Frances Hunt Kathy Meade Ollie Skinner
And now a message from Cath and Safa

Just like Frankie the flamingo, we suspect that each of you will enjoy saving water! Plus, now that you have had received your own copy of the book, there is no doubt you’ll have fun helping Frankie the flamingo with her mission to spread the message on water saving.

We particularly appreciate your support as we believe that ‘The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo’ is a book that will inspire the youngest generation to develop sustainable water use. Hooray!

Thank you to those who donated