Back in April I blogged about shower cubicles. And in the process took this fab photo of what I can see when I’m having a shower.

I then wrote Views from a shower 1  and now here is Views from a shower 2. Usually in a Part 2 blog I encapsulate Part 1. That is pretty straightforward when it’s a technical blog, far trickier when it’s a series of disparate vignettes (albeit on a common theme). But, in a nut shell, sadly, it’s that no-one I know has a view of snow-capped mountains.


However, undaunted, I will carry on to reveal more bad views. Debbie has two windows in her bathroom and so can swivel in two different directions for two different views. Both windows are frosted so the views are a bit fuzzy but OMG a double aspect bathroom?? And she’s not even an architect!! (Though, like me, she is forced to spend rather a lot of her time in a professional category working with them, a process akin to pulling one’s own teeth out – ha ha only kidding my chilled out architect friends.)

So there we were chuckling over her double aspect bathroom when Nathan (who is currently hot desking near us) piped up and said he’d like to add his shower view into the mix. Sure I replied, especially when I heard that he moved his shower in front of a window that looks out over a communal garden and doesn’t have any frosted glass in it.  How very Shoreditch I thought. Though it turned out to be Dulwich actually. And No, Nathan, Dulwich is not ‘almost Brixton’.


Anyway that little faux pas aside I agreed and he sent this photo. Well, that’s architects for you, I mused as soon as I saw it. It might not be old-style frosting but it’s definitely some sort of finish that you can’t completely see through. So, I casually enquired, ‘What are you calling that glass then if it’s not frosted?’ I was informed its dirt on the window!! That much dirt?? In leafy Dulwich?? The mind boggles. And then Nathan added that the dead plants were going to be a natural foliage screen until his brother flat sat for a while and killed them… Well that’s millennials for you I guess. In my day we were squatting so if we did have a working shower everyone else was round there borrowing it… And if we had any glass in the window, well that was an added bonus!





Then there is Floyd’s shower view, of which the burning question must surely be why a screen and a curtain?? Floyd is in Poland right now so I’m going for the screen came first but it doesn’t do its job so he had to add a curtain. Mu and Eric have a large walk-in shower with a big glass screen which does a perfect job so no need of a shower curtain to prevent unwanted puddles of water on the floor. There are lots of different ways to look out of their shower though this is the most complete view and also the weirdest given the ghostly shape of me in the background.


Ria lives in a trendy Hackney flat with a semi sunken bath. The bathroom doesn’t have any windows and there is a shower curtain as opposed to a shower screen so it’s a pretty limited outlook. As Ria is disabled she has to sit on a specially adapted chair that is slung across the bath when she has a shower, giving a completely different aspect than if she was standing.


And then we have the teen. During the recent heat wave Sam was complaining about being too hot so I suggested she go and have a shower to cool down and stop mithering me. (This suggestion isn’t the waste of water it seems as we have a greywater recycling unit, the hydrangea had lost the will to live, and we needed a solution fast.) However going upstairs was deemed too much of an effort so I suggested she walk out into the garden, position herself near the hydrangea and I would spray her with the hose. Somewhat to my amazement she agreed, followed by loud squealing from her and amusement from the neighbours. I knew I needed a photo but it was too risky to take it outside in case she turned the hose on me. Hence the poor quality as I hid in the kitchen behind the window, laughing too much to keep still as I pressed the shutter. And Sam’s view from her shower all will be revealed in the next blog …

July 2018 – Views from a shower 2