Aqualogic, Wirral School Libraries, and St Bridget’s C of E Primary School in West Kirby welcomed Frankie the flamingo on a blustery day by the seaside.

Cath had a fab time reading ‘The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo’ to 60 pupils, who enjoyed helping Frankie solve the mystery. Spoiler alert … she wasn’t sinking after all!


The school gets to keep 30 copies of the book for a term so that the pupils can really get to grips with the wonderful world of drains and sewers, the water treatment process, slightly stupefied flamingos and smart crabs. Helped by all our fab downloadable worksheets. Then the books are returned to Wirral library services to get sent out to the next lucky school. We think this is a fab way of getting the message out there and would love to team up with more school library teams.

Later on Frankie enjoyed sunning herself by the Combined Sewer Overflow despite the fact that Clarence the crab was nowhere to be seen!


Frankie goes oop North