Frankie has been busy visiting some of her super fans!

Sasha, Samantha, Cici, Mimi and LisaMu never miss an opportunity to pose with Frankie the flamingo or her book! Cici and Mimi even coloured in pictures for Frankie, which she absolutely loves.

Kamari took the time to read The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo to Frankie. Though, Frankie knew the ending and decided to have a little snooze! Oh dear!

When Frankie visited this North London primary school, the entire class showed Frankie how much they loved her book by colouring in Frankie the flamingo postcards! Frankie enjoyed showing these fab pictures to Denzil the dragon fly.

Gabriella has sent in photos of her reading The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo. Thanks Gabriella! Frankie absolutely LOVES your super cool bed sheets. They remind her of her home at the zoo!

If you are a super fan then get in touch with us! Frankie would love to see your photos.

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Frankie and her superfans!