Thanks to an Ingenious Grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering, in 2022 and 2023 we will be introducing a load of six to eight year olds all about what engineers do, why ‘Think it! Build it! Test it!’  is the mantra that they work by,  that they are unlikely to bite, know a bit about balloon racing and can be quite funny.  To do that we need an inquisitive and irrepressible flamingo (Frankie) and her faithful side kick Clarence – the crab who doesn’t like poo on his head. And you! The Engineers.

As Frankie and Clarence build and test bridges, roads and parachutes they also solve ‘The mystery of the elephant that forgot’, find out key scientific facts and learn that engineering is cool. Not bad for a day’s work.   We need engineers to co-deliver these workshops gaining valuable skills along the way.


In preparation for delivering the workshops there will be a two hour training session where you will:

  • learn key tips to keep the attention of a class of 30 children,
  • practice how to explain the job you do in a language that they can follow,
  • understand that there is no such thing as a wrong answer, and therefore how to cope with one when it arrives,
  • know when to slip into ‘cross teacher’ voice
  • learn the importance of repetition, movement and partnership working for young children
  • get to stand like a flamingo

Then you will co-deliver the workshop at least once in a school in front of a class of 30 kids – ulp!


Training will happen at your work place. The workshops will be in local schools.  The training and the workshops will be led by Cath Hassell of ech2o who wrote the book, has many years of being a plumber under her belt, knows a bit about mechanical services engineering, and has been engaging with school children of all ages about water and energy for many years.

In some schools there will be follow-up after school clubs that will run for six weeks.  We will provide the lesson plans for these and you will use your new found skills to co-deliver them with a colleague.

All engineers are welcome, whether or not you own a hard hat or high-vis jacket!

Please contact if you want to be part of this initiative.

Flamingo Engineering – Calling all engineers!