• ‘A lovely story. Perhaps some actual props would help – a flamingo etc. Then Safa got a flamingo out! Thank you!’ Reception class teacher
  • ‘Lots of interactive questions and clues and movement meant the message was made really clear. Very child friendly.’ Year 1 teacher
  • ‘The children liked the characters and wanted to help Frankie save water. Lovely resources. Accessible and fun for the children.’ Year 2 teacher
  • ‘The children loved the story and learnt a lot in a short session! Good resources left with teachers to use further in lessons and support the learning back in class.’ Year 2 teacher.
  • ‘I think it was a great lesson; a topic which is needed to be talked about at primary level. It really engaged the children and they enjoyed being detectives. More of these environmentally related topics please!’ Year 3 teacher

Feedback about The mysterious case of the sinking flamingo