Cath Hassell of ech2o is working with BPEC Training Ltd, (a registered charity which supports quality education and training initiatives in the plumbing industry) to train plumbers to install and maintain rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems. BPEC recognised the need for a UK workforce with the skills and knowledge to successfully install, commission and maintain these systems and approached us to design and teach this course. ech2o has 10 years experience in designing, commissioning and fault finding rainwater harvesting systems and was one of the founder members of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association. ech2o‘s work in implementing sustainable water strategies for a wide range of stakeholders means that we also have an in-depth knowledge of the greywater systems currently available on the UK market.

The course provides both theoretical, practical and assessment modules and the materials designed by ech2o ensure an optimum learning experience. The training covers water efficiency, sizing of systems, health and safety, water quality issues, as well as how to install, commission and maintain rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems.

Cath runs the two-day training four times a year in the New Technologies Centre at Stephenson College in Coalville, which is fitted with a working rainwater harvesting system and two types of greywater recycling systems. Her comprehensive knowledge in sustainable water systems, combined with her practical plumbing and teaching experience, combine to ensure that the training providers who attend can confidently deliver this training programme (with the support materials provided) to plumbers across the whole of the UK.

BPEC Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Training