And not with the fairies. Though I can understand if that thought had fleetingly crossed any loyal blog reader’s mind.


Of course, normally under such circumstances a guest blogger would leap into the slot vacated by any lead author being temporarily indisposed. But I couldn’t actually find any other shower bloggers out there – funny that, for surely it is a genre whose time has come? So, instead I thought you would appreciate, in a holding pattern kind of way, to see our latest shower head in all its glory…
















Pretty cool huh? I can even report that Suhith (shock horror) actually approves since she really likes the spray pattern. Though both of us are in agreement that it doesn’t actually go in our bathroom given the lack of a matching colour scheme of pillar box red and sunshine yellow. But hey you can’t have everything, even in the best of all possible worlds.


STOP PRESS! Sam is in seventh heaven as she now has a smart phone. She’s not at ours right now so I sent her a photo of the new shower.  This is what came back.


And where did we get this ‘better than the disco one’ shower head? Well as always it was from ‘Oi Colin!’ at ec1bathrooms, Frankie the flamingo’s number one fan. Cheers mate!

August 2017 – Cath is ‘away’