I thought I had read somewhere this was a New Zealand initiative but searching for it on the web I also found it in South Africa. Whatever, it’s a great little saying and leads me nicely into this month’s blog. I had categorically promised no maths this month, and surely this is as diametrically opposed as I could possibly get.

In a blog about singing in the shower, the ideal must be to actually sing about them. So first and foremost here is Leonard Cohen and his version of Irving Berlin’s Always chosen for the following lines delivered in his gravelly voice: “I’ll be loving you always………….not for just a second, or a minute or an hour, not for just a weekend and a shakedown in the shower but always.“ Fabulous. There is just one problem with this song. At 8 minutes and 17 seconds it could hardly be classified as short!

As that was the only track that sprang to mind from my record collection I decided to google shower song lyrics and see what other great tracks there are out there, where showers play a starring role. Simples. Except that, as with all good ideas to do with the web, you slip into YouTube world, hours of your life flash by in an instant and all I got was …, well a load of tosh to be honest. The best of a bad lot was Phoebe from Friends. The song is appalling but at least it’s ironic (or as ironic as American mainstream TV can get) and it’s not as though I’m overloaded with tracks so it’s just sneaked in here, if only for Rachel’s face and the fact it is only about 20 seconds long.

My next plan was to call on friends and family to help me out. Good job I wasn’t relying on them for something important, because I ended up with a lot of no-shows! But here is what did arrive…

Ben (mate) said how about A Towel called Malice by the Jam. With a title like that it’s obviously very shower orientated so definitely worth a mention in dispatches.

Jenny (sister) came up with Singing in the Rain. “Not mind boggling original but has good memories in all sorts of ways for me. In fact I will def sing it tomorrow!” So here is a clip of Gene Kelly, singing it from theoriginal film. Think the set must have used several drenching showers. Can only assume it was warm water.

Ols (nephew) suggested Sponge Bob Square Pants. “Thrilling stuff! haha ermm spongebob square pants theme tune is a cracker.” Not sure what drugs that boy is on. I completely lost the will to live listening to it, even though it is less than three minutes long and how more shower orientated can you get than a sponge? But at least the awfulness of Sponge Bob somehow made me think that if any kids programme did something about water and did it well it would be Sesame Street. I feel a little shortchanged that I couldn’t find a scene with Miss Piggy in the shower as that would have been rather wonderful but I did find three numbers, all featuring Ernie and his rubber duck. I like Put Down the Duckie best though this link comes with a severe bad hair and clothes warning. If you want to watch all three the sequence starts with Rubber Duckie followed by Do De Rubber Duck.

And of course there is Gabi H2O, the camel who raps: We Oughta Save Water.

All in all quite fun, but not a patch on calculating CO2 emissions or measuring flow rates! Normal service resumes next month

July 2012 – Singing in the shower