Frankie the flamingo, Clarence the crab, and the rest of the Flamingo Investigation Department  visited several schools over the summer term and met loads of willing water detectives who want to tell everyone why it is important to have short showers and to keep rainwater out of the sewers.


Holly, from Sandling Primary School in Maidstone, won a competition to design a water saving poster set by South East Water. Her prize? 30 books for her class (so one each), three extra books for the school library, and a visit by Cath to help Frankie the flamingo tell her story. Helen Chapman, who is in charge of water efficiency at SE Water came along too and said: ‘Frankie is a super story, the pictures are wonderful and you were great with the children’ ‘Aww shucks, thank you,’ Frankie replied bashfully.

(Thanks  to South East water for use of the photo above and of Holly with her prize)


Meanwhile the Year 3 pupils at Columbia Primary in London show off their books and their reading skills. Flocculation! Coagulation! Activated carbon! all get a mention as Frankie sets out to solve the mystery of why she is sinking…






Frankie the flamingo goes back to school …