The Flamingo Engineering workshop is delivered in schools across a day, in a fun, age-appropriate, and engaging way. Using  ‘The Mysterious Case of the Elephant that Forgot’ book as the basis for the workshop, coupled with the Flamingo Engineering booklet, the pupils engage in a hands-on engineering activity using the ‘Think it, Build it, Test it!’ model. The pupils help Frankie the flamingo and Clarence the crab carry out a series of engineering projects, learning about friction and air pressure as they design Frankie, Clarence and Ellie balloons and race them off against each other. The workshop introduces the idea of engineering as an interesting career path, open to all. Pupils will gain an understanding of what engineers do and will connect engineering to their everyday lives. They will realise that engineering can be fun and that if Frankie the flamingo and Clarence the crab can be engineers then they can too and may even expanded their future career choices to include engineering.

Flamingo Engineering – Think it! Build it! Test it! (KS2)