Thanks to Warren Liebold who works in water for New York City Council for this next bit.

The photos are ten years old but still sorta charming.  The Bronx Zoo had an early 20th Century comfort station near one of its entrances and it drained to an early 20th Century septic system which was illegal.  The nearest sewer line was about 0.5 km away and connecting to it would cost a huge sum.  Instead, they renovated the building with composting toilets, waterless urinals and very low-flow faucets. The greywater supplies nearby gardens.  The tag line was something similar to: “We have to deal with poo from hundreds of species already, how difficult could humans be?”

Sometimes I feel I could just fill this newsletter with stuff from Warren! He sent a load of links through recently for a book a friend of mine is writing. This web page has a series of design guides that New York City Council (for whom Warren works) has published. The SuDS one and the fabulous Water Matters I would thoroughly recommend.

Composting toilets in Bronx zoo – USA – ech2o newsletter snippet