Back in March Cath blogged about the water crisis in Cape Town  At that point it was touch and go whether Cape Town would completely run out of water. That scenario has now passed. Heavy rains at the end of June have bought water levels up in the Theewaterskloof dam to 29% of capacity, as this video shows. 29% still sounds precarious but Cape Town residents have reduced their use from 1.2bn litres a day in 2015, to just over 500m litres by the beginning of 2018. And these savings are continuing and even improving as this tweet by the city council on July 3rd 2018 shows. Our collective water usage has reached record low of 481 million litres per day. Thanks to our water ambassadors who keep saving, even though it’s raining. Join the #50LitreLife challenge to stick to 50ℓ or less per day.

Cape Town beats the drought! – South Africa – ech2o newsletter snippet