Sunita Narain is an environmental activist who heads up the Centre for Science and the Environment based in New Delhi and writes a brilliant blog every two weeks about different environmental issues in India. Occasionally she blogs about water.

‘Take water, for instance. Traditionally, we built highly sophisticated systems, which varied to suit different ecosystems, for harvesting every drop of water. Archaeological excavations near Allahabad have found evidence of early Indian hydraulic engineering. Dating back to the end of 1st century BC, the Sringaverapura tank is a remarkable system to take the floodwater of Ganga into a set of desilting chambers, including water weirs, to clean the water for drinking. It can be a matter of belief that Lord Ram drank water from this tank. But it is a fact that the technological system is so evolved that it would put to shame all public works engineers of today’s India.’

Ancient Indians and the art of water governance by Sunita Narain – India – ech2o newsletter snippet