The game

Cut Your Carbon helps explain the connections between global warming, CO and our lifestyles. It shows how we can make a difference and introduces the concept of an annual personal carbon budget. Participants learn through playing the game, group work and guided teaching, how to reduce their carbon footprint towards a level of global equity.
The Cut Your Carbon board game uses a familiar format but with kg CO as the currency and a dinosaur as a counter. The board is set out over a calendar year with each side having a seasonal flavour. Players are divided into groups and must choose from different carbon outcomes as they move around the board. With feedback from the Cut Your Carbon trainer on their selections, players quickly understand that low carbon homes and lifestyles are the answer to managing their personal carbon budget.

All the workings for the answers are contained in the teacher’s pack and the school keeps the games and a CD of all the materials so that extra game sets can be printed if required.

Cut Your Carbon has been played in schools throughout the UK, with over 95% of pupils wanting to play it again and 98% making the link between climate change and their lifestyles.


How much it costs

The training is most effectively delivered by two Cut Your Carbon trainers, each working with groups of 15 pupils and lasting up to two hours. If one trainer takes each class with a teacher, then 6 classes (180 pupils) and their teachers can be trained in one day. When we leave, we ensure that at least one teacher in each school we visit is sufficiently confident to be able to run the introduction and the CutYour Carbon game themselves. The introduction, teacher’s notes, 2 boards and game playing materials are all left with the school to use again as part of the package.

Package 1 – £200 plus VAT provides two complete sets of Cut Your Carbon for a school. Each set comprises the Cut Your Carbon board game, carbon credit cards, dinosaur counter and all associated learning support materials, including teacher’s notes explaining the answers.

Package 2 – £450 plus VAT supplies one Cut Your Carbon trainer for a day in the school plus two Cut
Your Carbon sets left with the school.

Package 3 – £700 plus VAT (ideal for larger schools) supplies two Cut Your Carbon trainers for a day in the school plus two Cut Your Carbon sets left with the school.

We occasionally have sponsored training packages. Please contact us to book a visit, or to find out more: 
The game and how much it costs