Most of Britain’s canals were built during the industrial revolution from around 1750 to 1850.

Today I went for a walk near the ech2o offices and saw lots of different interesting stuff.


This is an explanation of how the locks work  that I took a picture of. Locks are about 23 metres long but only just over 2 metres wide.  A boat cannot be more than 23 metres long or 2 metres wide on the Grand Union Canal. Otherwise it will not fit through the locks.




I took this picture from over the bridge and I also choose it because it looks like a very good view and that you can see the old tall buildings. The layout of the place is wonderful and the large willow tree on the right of the lock is looking so pretty – it’s like a shelter.

This is photo of a boat getting in the locks – this boat is being pulled backwards into the lock! The boat has to fit between the two gates or you won’t be allowed in the locks.

The picture below left is a close-up of the lock gate paddle. You use it to allow water into the lock or release water out of the lock for the boat to go through. A windlass is used to open or close the paddle.  It’s a bit like a key.



Samantha Mbire has been spending some time in the ech2o offices recently. Hopefully there will be another blog soon!


A trip to the canal – Samantha Mbire, UK