What if every choice you made had a carbon consequence and you had to manage a carbon allowance card as well as a credit card? What if buying sweets or downloading music cost CO2 as well as money from your pocket? If a family member won £1500 on the lottery would you rather they bought a condensing boiler or a giant plasma screen TV? Would you prefer that your school or workplace upgraded the heating controls or installed a wind turbine? If you have family members abroad would it be better if they came to visit you? And how would you feel if you won a flight to New York?

These are just some of the questions that players of Cut Your Carbon have to grapple with. Set in a world where every UK citizen has a carbon allowance card, Cut Your Carbon is a fun and innovative way to understand more about the effect our personal lifestyle choices have on the planet.

Cut Your Carbon (KS 2 and 3)